The Architectural staff of Alex S. Palmer & Company is comprised of an experienced staff, enabling us to manage intricate design and construction situations.  With an in-house architect on the premises, our clients are spared extraneous time and financial burdens by having quick and accurate solutions at hand.  The IRS Building project benefited from our architectural expertise and stands as a testament to Alex S. Palmer & Company’s dedication to superior products built soundly with the finest materials available.

Paul Pletcher,
Vice President of Architectural Services

Mr. Pletcher offers twenty-six years of professional architectural design and project management experience. His primary responsibility is to manage the design and construction of the Company's real estate projects. Prior to joining Alex S. Palmer & Company in 1997, Mr. Pletcher was President of a prominent architectural firm in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from Pennsylvania State University.