Burton Hills IV
Nashville, Tennessee

Green Hills, home of one of Nashville's premier residential neighborhoods, is the location of the Burton Hills IV project. A refined exterior of high-performance glass and architectural precast concrete with solid granite trim allow this building to blend with its affluent surroundings and combine functionality with aestheticism.  

Tenants enjoy comfort and elegance from the moment they step into the two-story interior lobby, finished with an integrated pallet of solid stone, exotic woods, gleaming brass and sparkling light fixtures.   Two high-speed traction elevators usher passengers to one of five floors, each equipped with state-of-the-art, digitally-controlled mechanical systems. Tenants can enjoy views of the beautiful hillsides surrounding the complex from multiple interior vantages and an exterior deck.

The enticing curve of the building's silhouette, combined with the scores of amenities promised within, allowed a substantial amount of the space to be leased six months before the construction was complete at the close of 2002— a true testament to the credibility and reputation of Alex S. Palmer & Company.