Veterans Admin Regional Office
San Diego, California

The first of Alex S. Palmer & Company's quality buildings in California was completed in 2000 after the company won a nationwide competition to bid this prestigious project. This handsome 4-story granite aggregate finished structure of approximately 135,000 square feet sits adjacent to a smaller glass-clad building previously acquired and renovated by the firm. With a beautifully landscaped exterior, the interior of the VA building features impressive granite lobbies, executive regional offices, striking conference spaces, a fitness center, central computer room with a dedicated air conditioning system, and complete healthcare clinic spaces, including laboratory and X-ray facilities. The building sits on 48 inch diameter, concrete-filled drilled piers 103 feet deep, which are necessary to meet California's comprehensive earthquake design requirements.

  • Four stories
  • Exterior of granite aggregate
  • Approximately 135,000 square feet
  • Beautiful lobby featuring granite finishes
  • Superb office and conference space
  • Fitness Center
  • Central computer room equipped with air conditioning controls
  • Healthcare space designed for laboratory and X-ray facilities
  • Building is seated on 48-inch-diameter, concrete-filled drilled piers at a depth of 103 feet in accordance with state's earthquake design requirements
  • Energy efficient