Alex S. Palmer

President & CEO

works directly with design professionals

during all phases of the development process. He helps set the tone for the overall image of the building, is involved in the review and development of conceptual and final designs and understands how to integrate premium materials at interior and exterior locations. He provides a high standard of detailing and finish that has been refined over many years of developing top quality investment grade real estate. Mr. Palmer demands excellence in every project fulfilling his commitment to the future. “What we build today must be embraced by generations to come” is central to the firm’s successful development of projects. He has extensive experience in real estate finance, syndication and development and maintains an operating philosophy that stresses an understanding of the local marketplace. He gives the same level of attention whether it involves a multi-million dollar build-to-suit, a modest office lease or a simple maintenance problem. To enhance this philosophy, Alex S. Palmer & Company has immediate access to in-house property management, leasing, tenant representation, construction management, tax consulting, design, and financial expertise.

Whether it is a multi-million dollar commercial development or a modest office lease, Alex S. Palmer & Company gives the same amount of attention to detail.  To enhance this philosophy we offer in house:

  • Property Management
  • Leasing
  • Construction Management
  • Design Experience
  • Financial Expertise

In short, the firm offers its clients a true entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to quality. On each project, Mr. Palmer carefully selects the specific team best suited to the type and location of the project, best design/construction philosophy and track record of success.

Mr. Palmer believes that by building upon the knowledge gained from each previous project, the firm is in a stronger position to achieve excellence on the next project. This philosophy has proven effective in the past and it is continually being used to refine design, delivery, and overall client satisfaction. Although Mr. Palmer is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, his hands-on approach to management assures that his expertise is available to every project regardless of size.

Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Arts, Nashville, Tennessee

Attended Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN